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Angie Bergner

Organizational Culture & DEI Consultant 

Powered by data, driven by empathy. 

Coaching People

Personalized career coaching that meets you where you are in your career journey

Coaching Organizations

Personalized workshops & programs to build and maintain a culture of high achievement, inclusion and belonging

Helping You Achieve Success

The more we know, the more we want to learn.

My approach to coaching, whether individuals or organizations, is to unlock everyone’s growth mindset. I build personalized curriculum & content that meets clients where they are with their specific end goal in mind, and I approach every session and every workshop through the lens of DEI and the lens of long-term impact.

Data and brain science is the starting point to all sessions

Embracing diversity means everything I do is personalized

All sessions are created through the Human-Centered Design methodology

My number one goal is to create long-lasting impact

1:1 Career Coaching

From Personal Brand, LinkedIn, and Career Exploration to Leadership Strategies, I create a bespoke program to meet people where they are in their journey.

DEI Workshops & Assessments

I approach Diversity, Equity & Inclusion from a data-driven, long-term impact lens. From training your brain for inclusion sessions, conflict resolution for diverse teams to creating an inclusive interview program and DEI in feedback, I help teams create long-term DEI strategies.

Topic Specific Talks & Sessions

Leading one-time sessions or series for large groups on: Personal Brand, Finding your WHY statement, Expanding your spheres of influence and more. 

Organizational Culture & DEI Consultations

Helping HR, TA and L&D teams create internal processes and programs to enhance organizational culture and DEI initiatives. 

Angie was an amazing speaker to work with. She spoke at the 2020 virtual L.O.V.E Conference about maximizing LinkedIn potential for students. Engaging, personable, and informative are all great words to describe Angie and her presentation. Her energy and personality made her a joy to work with. She was also able to quickly adapt to changes within the conference and still provide an exceptional experience for students attending.” 

“During a one-on-one career coaching session, Angie gave me valuable insight into my personal and professional development. She helped me understand how to market myself as a growing individual through various platforms like LinkedIn and my website. It is evident how passionate and detail-oriented Angie is not only as an individual but as a professional”

“Thank you so much for such a powerful and insightful presentation on Personal Branding this morning for the team. I loved your focus on the WHY so that we can make sure we have a purpose-driven professional and personal life! I learned so much from you. Can’t wait to get a copy of your presentation and tools so I can continue working on developing my personal brand and mission statement! Great content, very inspiring! Thanks again!”

Let’s talk about how we can work together. 

Whether you’re looking for 1:1 coaching or you represent an organization looking for a personalized workshop or talk, I provide everyone the opportunity to meet me first so that we can understand each other and ensure that our values, goals, and approach are aligned.